Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Living The Good LIfe

Sarah and I are best buds.
All dressed up for the holidays.
Is it up there?
My own chair.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Snowy Setters...

Another update from Duke's forever home:

We got our first snow of the season today (about four inches) and the doggies had such a wonderful time playing. We let them out this morning and they stayed out for an hour before coming in for breakfast. We took them to the dog park and played and at the end of the day Sarah and Duke sat by the fire and then Duke was so exhausted he feel asleep on the floor with his head on the pillow. Here are some pictures ...

Duke and his new fur sister Sarah sure look like they are related---they both have a beautiful chestnut color.

The Happy Event!

Though a bit late in reporting, we're thrilled to announce that Duke was adopted end of November.
His new family wrote his foster family after his arrival: I'm sure you do miss him. We've so enjoyed having him around! I've sent some more pictures of them at the dog park today. They went mole hunting, drank water, chased birds and squirrels and had a really good time. I'll send some in this e-mail and some others are more to come!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Duke---on the road to recovery...

Duke sure was a good boy in the treadmill but he got tired very quickly. He made it 15 min. They will try for 20 to 30 min next week.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Duke's surgery!

With the help of some fabulously generous donors, Duke was able to go through his surgery to fix his knee joint.John, Duke's foster dad, writes: "Just to let everyone know that Duke is home and surgery went very well.
The doctor was pleased with it, and was sure of a fast and full recovery. Duke is confined to a crate basically 24/7 for 4 to 6 weeks. He already hates it."

Mary Tiefenbrunn, who was vital in raising funds to make Duke's surgery possible, reports the following about the surgery:

"There was virtually no groove for Duke’s Patella to sit in – Steve had to carve one out. Pretty major in that respect."

This boy is now home and healing up. We want to thank the Good family, Mary Tiefenbrunn, all the wonderful people that donated money for Duke's surgery and all other volunteers that helped this boy along the way from the bottom of our hearts.

Duke might not know it right now, but he's got a much brighter future ahead, now that his leg has been repaired, so that he can soon race around in the yard again and play with stuffies and play buddies.

Arrival in a new foster home...

Duke has arrived in his new foster home that will guide him patiently through his surgery and recouperation. New buddy Casey is showing Duke his new crate, that Duke will see rather a lot of in the next couple of months.
Duke's foster dad writes: "Duke is settling in very nicely. Casey and Duke have become fast friends.

Duke loves kids, adults, dogs, just about anybody he meets.

Thanks for allowing me the pleasure to help duke find his forever home."

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Duke is looking for a new Home!

Meet handsome and sweet Duke. Duke was adopted from a Humane Society by a nice family when he was just a puppy. His family had not been familiar with the English Setter breed and didn't know how big Setters can get and that they need quite a bit room to run.
Duke is now 9 months old and his family loves him dearly. However, they see that their backyard and house is really not spacious enough to allow Duke enough exercise and they are looking for the right family with a large yard to run in--to do the right thing for this fella.
Duke is a typical English Setter. He loves to race around the yard after birds and squirrels. He's a lanky fella that's very svelte and is still growing into his long legs. He's weighing approximately 46 lbs now, but will likely gain another 10 lbs by the time he's all done growing and filled out.

Duke enjoys ANY type of stuffed toys, will run around the yard with them, shake them---and of course---in honored tradition---get the stuffing out.

Duke has grown up around to kids and feels very much at ease around them. He loves to play with them.

Duke will not say no to a game of tug-of-war either!!
After a good chase out in the yard, Duke is ready to settle in.
Duke is a cuddle bug with the family and enjoys the love and attention he gets from all family members.
He is housebroken and is good sport about going into his crate when the family has to leave the house.
He's also been very good about not bolting out of the door when somebody comes visiting.